Variable Image Postcards

The variable image postcard gives you the best variable data targeting capabilities available in the industry today. Combine the intelligence of variable data targeting with the ability to change out full images and messages on individual cards to each household and you have a winning combination. Build your retention and loyalty programs while targeting potential customers all in the same mailing with images and messages that speak directly to the household. This powerful product boosts your response rates, engages your target audience and has a longer shelf life than your more traditional products.


  • Shared and solo mail options
  • Full color variable imaging and messaging on both sides
  • Geographic targeting by zip or sub-zip level
  • Size 4″ x 9″
  • Data Driven targeting, messaging and imaging
Scratch Off’s
UV Coating
Scented Tabs
Die-cut Loyalty Cards

Premium Static Postcard

Smart One-Sided Message Postcard

Variable Image Postcard

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