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Printed and mailed through National Mail-It for pennies per home, these shiny enamel, full color, two-sided inserts will instantly grab the attention of your target audience.  You will have the option to mail full saturation for maximum reach, visibility and impact, or you can choose the targeted option and mail to those with the most propensity to buy your product or service at the zip or sub-level.  We even have various sizes of inserts for you to choose from.


  • Enamel
  • Two-Sided, Full Color
  • Full zip or sub-zip level placement available
  • Targeted
  • Graphics services available
  • Shared Mail Availability Only

Full Sheet Card

8.5”x 11”


5.5”x 11”

Regular Card

4.375”x 8.5”

Over-Sized Card

10” x 10.5 & 11’ x 17”