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Data & Analytics Services


Data is intimidating to many marketers today and rightly so.  IBM found that 90% of the worlds data was created in the last 12 months; that’s a lot of data.  And only 0.5% has ever been analyzed.  Fortunately, National Mail-It and its sister company, Everything Marketing, began using data before it became the driving force behind much of the worlds marketing.  Today, our experts use data as the driving force for all of our campaigns.

Our powerful tools will allow you to connect with current customers while engaging prospective customers, providing you a way to increase sales, inspire brand loyalty and consumer advocacy. 

“There is now more data in the world than there are stars in the sky.”

- Google

Consumer Analytics

Customer Database Analysis

Customer Database Analysis

Want to know more about your current customers? We have the ability to tell you more about your customers than you ever imagined. Not only can we tell you WHO they are and WHERE they are, but with our list append capabilities, we can match those households with demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and census data, allowing you to engage and communicate with your customers on a more personal level than ever before.

Look-a-Like Reporting

Look-a-Like Reporting

Want to target people who look like your most loyal customers? Yes, we can do that too! With real-time data, we have the ability to find those people in your trade area that look most like your customers and target them with specific messages created to drive them to your stores.

Redemption Data Analytics

When tracking redemption, you never need to ask yourself if you have a positive return on investment.  You will know exactly how your campaign is doing and, even more exciting, you will know exactly which products and services are driving which customers to your business.

Barcode Tracking

Our barcode tracking not only allows you to monitor your ROI, but it gives insight into your customer’s purchasing habits that will give you the competitive edge you are looking for.

How does it work?

Collect your coupons throughout the redemption period. Upon the expiration date, all of the coupons will be sent to our facility where they will be scanned and analyzed. Through this process, you will see your exact return on investment, find out where your customers are and exactly which products and services drive which customers to your store.

You will now have the power to retarget those redeemers with offers you know they will love and target non-responders with a deeper offer to inspire motivation.

With our experts and technology, you have the ability to boost your loyalty and acquisition strategies while continually learning about and engaging with your customer on a personal level.

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