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About National Mail-It


National Mail-It is a privately owned, full service direct marketing company out of Shreveport, Louisiana.  It all started more than 27 years ago in a small garage, where founder and CEO Michael Riordan put together his first shared mail package by hand, piece by piece.  Over the years it has evolved into the most innovative and inspiring direct mail marketing company in the United States.

Today, our shared mail package serves millions of homes across Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York and we have access to over 100 million across the country through our advanced network.  Add that to the power of solo mail and there is almost no household we cannot deliver your message to.

Our Mission

To be the most creative shared mail marketing company in America, offering our clients unique cutting edge products and services with measurable, winning results.


Our Culture


Perhaps our favorite part of National Mail-It is our culture. As a privately held, employee centered business that welcomes open communication from all employees, we have created a working atmosphere that inspires our team on a daily basis.  At National Mail-It we are more than just teammates, we are family, and each company we represent becomes a part of our family.

Our People


We are parents.  We are sons and daughters.  We are artists, dancers, writers and gardeners.  We are each other’s students and teachers.  Simply put, we are human just like you, but we share a passion that drives us each and every day:  Our love for our company and our ability to be creative, innovative and inspiring.  Our passion drives our one and only purpose which is to create memorable, easily integrated campaigns that drive customers, new and old, to your business.  Whether you need to remind customers of your presence or build a complete loyalty program from scratch, there is no challenge too big or small for our team of experts.

Our Commitment


We are committed to bringing you and your brand the most cutting-edge and innovative products in the market today, while maximizing visual coverage and awareness for your brand. All of this while delivering measurable, winning results for you.

Our Sister Companies